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Dr.-Ing. Simon Winkelbach

Curriculum Vitae


1996 - 2001 Study of computer sciences (diploma) at the TU Braunschweig.
Specialisation: Image Processing, Computer Vision, Robotics, Computer Graphics, Computer Architecture, Business Studies.
Mai 22, 2001 University Degree "Diplom Informatiker" (equals M.Sc in Computer Science), final grade "very good".


2001 - 2006 Doctoral studies in the robotics research group at the TU Braunschweig.
September 18, 2006: Conferral of doctorate (Dr.-Ing., equals PhD) with thesis in 3D Computer Vison, 3D Data Acquisition and 3D Surface Matching, final grade "summa cum laude".
Examination field: Computer Vision, Robotics, Computer Graphics.
Referees: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Friedrich F. Wahl, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans Burkhardt.


1998 - 2001: Student research assistant at TU Braunschweig.
Since June 2001: Research associate (tenure) at the TU Braunschweig, robotics research group.
Since 2007: Founder of DAVID-Laserscanner(External) as Freelancer (sideline job).
Since 2009: Founder and General Manager of DAVID Vision Systems GmbH(External).
Since 2012: Founder and Partner of the DAVID 3D Solutions GbR.

Teaching Activities

2001 - 2005 Assistant lecturer for the master course "Computer Vision".
2001 - 2009 Mentor of robotics/computer vison internship.
Since 2006 Lecture for the bachelor course "Algorithms and Programs".
Since 2008 Lecture for the master course "Three-dimensional Computer Vision".
Since 2014 Lecturer for the master course "Digital Image Processing".

Research Awards

2001 - Werth Jubilee Prize, awarded by the Siegfried Werth Foundation for the diploma thesis.
2001 - DAGM Main Prize, best paper award of the German Association for Pattern Recognition.
2006 - DAGM Main Prize, best paper award of the German Association for Pattern Recognition.
2006 - Nomination for the dissertation award of the German Association for Informatics (GI).
2007 - Heinrich Buessing Prize, awarded by the Foundation for the Advancement of Science at TU Braunschweig.

Funded Projects

DFG-project "3d-Puzzle-Problem" (WA 848/14-1 and WA 848/14-3).
DFG-project "Robot Assisted Femur Fracture Reduction" (WA 848/10-1).
DFG-Project "Robot Assisted Endoscopic Sinus Surgery" (WA 848/13-1 and WA 848/13-2).
VW-Projects for developement of camera-based driver assistance systems.
Lower Saxony Research Network Design of Environments for Ageing (GAL).

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