Median and Averaging Filters


This applet was designed to compare the effect of median and averaging filters on images. If you want to know how it works read the Background information

How to use the applet

There are three images located on the screen. The first image is the input image. The both next ones demonstrate the effect of an median-and an averaging filter respectively.You can change the input image when you press the -button. The new picture will be filtered automatically. With the -button you can define the dimension of the filter mask. You can also add Gaussian noise to the image () or salt it by pressing the salt & pepper button (). If you do so observe the difference of median and averaging filters! When you move the mouse pointer over one of the filtered images, a zoomed area of the active mouse position is produced on the small images on the right side.





Authors: René Iser, Behrang Karimibabak and Simon Winkelbach

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