Convolution-based Filters


This applet demonstrates the discrete 2d convolution on images. If you are interested how it works read the Introduction into convolution

How to use the applet.

The left image shows the input image. To change it press the  -button. In the middle you can see the convolution operator. When you click on the -button, you can change it. There are many well-known operators of image processing available like Sobel or Roberts. Moreover a self defined convolution kernel can be chosen. It is a good opportunity to test your own understanding of this matter. To start the convolution click on the -button. You can also add Gaussian noise , as well as salt & pepper noise  to the input image. The right image shows the convolved result. Whenever you choose a new input images or a new operating tool, the result will be updated automatically.






Authors: René Iser, Behrang Karimibabak and Simon Winkelbach

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